Castleview School

Year 6 2022-2023

Day 1

We have started activities already!

Day 2

It was a jam-packed day with even more adrenaline-fuelled activities!

Vertical Challenge, Archery, Sensory Trail and the fearsome Jacobs Ladder!

Day 3

The day was filled with calm and exhilaration. Our Year 6s went to the coast, for an adventurous beach walk; whilst also experiencing the intensity of PGL's Challenge Course and Fencing Circuit.

Day 4

On their final full day, our incredible Year 6s continued to push themselves, experiencing so many wonderful moments. Not only was there an epic Lazerquest conquest and Campfire, but the children also had the unique opportunity to Kayak on the English Channel!
Day 5
We still managed to fit in some more activities before we left!
Time flies when you're having fun! A week has gone by in a blink.
The Year 6s have shown amazing enthusiasm, courage and energy.
They leave with memories and stories to last a lifetime!