Castleview School

Year 5  2021 - 2022


It has been a brilliant first day, filled with a range of activities including; abseiling, climbing the gladiator wall and lazer conquest. Following a delicious dinner, the children all participated in the 'Run Around Quiz.' 


The fun has continued on Wednesday with more children having a try at abseiling, climbing the gladiator wall and the laser tag (the children seemed to enjoy targeting the staff a little too much!) In addition, children have also attempted the arial trek! Everyone is having a great time and can’t wait for the next set of activities! 

 Thursday has been another great day! Plenty of bullseyes in the archery, wacky wet races in the pool, death defying jumps on the trapeze and super agility on the climbing wall!

 We’ve had a great final night and day at Condover. The children managed to complete and survive the sensory trail (though they did get a little wet!) The campfire was a roaring success, with an incredible talent contest from the children the overall highlight!