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Exceptional Schools Award 360 award

Year 5  2019-2020



Lincolnsfield Centre (6 images)

Having functioned as a real U.S. base during the war, the centre features a fantastic museum filled with artefacts and memorabilia. The children experienced the strict instructions of a 1940s classroom, the delights of a quaint 1940s house and they clambered into the dusty depths of an Anderson shelter. Dressed as evacuees the children were filled with awe and wonder as they participated in each activity particularly when they met the war veteran, Stan Ellis! He had lots to say and it made the history of WWII that much more real. The children came away with more knowledge and an even better appreciation of the hardships experienced at that time.

Created: 1 Jul 20 13:14 | Last modified: 1 Jul 20 13:18

Theatre Group Visit (4 images)

The children in Year 5 were visited by a theatre group who gave them a valuable insight into life in Britain during World War II. The children experienced the daily life of a family who experienced evacuation, rationing, Dig for Victory, the Blitz and the dreaded Black Market! The children had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

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