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Year 4 Ufton Court Residential


Please click here to find out more about our trip to Ufton Court in June 2019!


Our trip to Ufton 2018

Day 1

Group 1 and 2 had a fantastic first day.  The children had a tour of the house and grounds where they were 'history detectives!'  They did a photo mapping activity followed by an historical artefacts game.  The evening saw the children participating in a role play of a Tudor crime and punishment court scene which they really enjoyed.  Some of the children even spotted some bats as they came in from outside at dusk.  The children slept well; enjoyed their meals and all went to bed happy.  

Day 2

The children have had another fantastic day where they have been orienteering and made wattle swords as well as posy bags in the herb garden. They have eaten three good meals and enjoyed the banquet. They are now enjoying time with their friends and will hopefully sleep well tonight!!


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