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Year 4 Ufton Court Residential 2019




Day 1

Year 4 arrived at Ufton Court just after 10.00am, all keen for their Tudor adventure to begin.  After being greeted by some members of the Ufton staff, it was time for a quick refreshment break and then some detective work was called for.  Charged, by Queen Elizabeth I, with the job of searching for clues that would show the inhabitants of Ufton Court to be hiding Catholics, the children searched the manor house high and low for any such secrets.  Others took a tour of the grounds to find out a little bit more about the Perkins family and how they used to live at Ufton Court.  Before they knew it, the ‘detectives’ found that it was time for lunch – fish fingers, chips and peas, followed by an ice lolly in the sunshine!  After some free time and the chance to play in the walled garden, the afternoon’s activities began.  It was time for some photomapping – lots of running around in teams to locate, on a map of Ufton, the point from which a given photo was taken.  Such competition!  Then it was time for everyone to find out which room they would be sleeping in and with whom they would be sharing.  Great excitement!  After another refreshment break, it was time for a Tudor portrait activity and to play some Tudor games.  With not even the hint of a gadget or device, the children played quite happily with hoops and sticks and simple Tudor games such as Nine Men’s Morris.  It was soon time for tea – pasta bake, garlic bread and salad, followed by delicious cake and cream!  Making the most of the pleasant evening, there was more outside playtime before it was time to retire for the evening.  A fun first day was had by all!

Day 2

Everyone awoke early, washed, dressed and got ready to go.  After a breakfast of cereals – with Cocoa Pops being the favourite choice – followed by beans on toast or toast with jam, Year 4 were set for the second day of their trip and to find out more about how the Tudors lived.  Today, there was a rotation of three activities: wattling, looking at Tudor artefacts and making posy bags in the herb garden.  The wattling was quite tricky; many soon discovered that weaving wood (albeit bendy willow branches) required concentration and some perseverance!  However, the end result was worth it and everyone came away with their own, unique, hand-crafted willow basket.  The Tudor artefacts activity required a little more brain power though, and working in teams of three, the children had to guess which of the ‘call my bluff’ descriptions was actually true.  After being indoors for this activity, it was nice to get outside again and into the herb garden at the back of the house.  The children had great fun looking round the garden, smelling and picking some herbs to create their own sweet-smelling posy bags or nosegays and then to find herbs which would cure the various ailments of Lady Perkins.  As usual, during the day, there was some time for play and several refreshment breaks, but at 4.15pm, everyone gathered in preparation for the highly-anticipated banquet!  After learning how to introduce themselves in an appropriate Tudor style, the children went off to the Gallery to find an equally fitting costume!  Once dressed in their finery, it was time to parade to the barn, where the festivities were to be held.  And what a celebration it was!  A feast for a king, with music and dancing, followed by some Tudor entertainment: a game of compliments and insults!  How quickly the time passed and it wasn’t long before the costumes had to be returned and everyone was transported back to 2019.  It has been a busy, but fun-filled day with lots of learning too!  Everyone should sleep soundly tonight before the last day tomorrow!