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Reception Home Learning Page


Welcome to our Home Learning Page!


This week in class, we have been thinking about how to be a good friend! Look below at all of the different things we came up with. Miss Tanner even took a video of us answering the question ‘What makes a good friend?’ As a class, we shared the story, 'The Rainbow Fish', and spoke about how important it is to be kind and share with others. Monday was a time of remembrance and we paused to watch a short video about a bunny in a war zone. On Tuesday, we enjoyed wearing odd socks for the start of Anti-Bullying Week and discussed that it is ok to be different and to be yourself. We also enjoyed continuing our topic, Celebrations; in the environment, some of us made divas and we also enjoyed the story of 'Rama and Sita'. This helped us understand why some of us celebrate Diwali.

This weekend, we would like you have a look at your child’s online learning journey – Tapestry. On Tapestry, you will find pictures and comments of what your child has been doing in class. Please comment on any of the observations, or discuss a photo with your child and tell us what they said. Or you could upload any WOW moments your child has achieved recently. They may have written something for the first time, drawn a detailed picture and explained it to you. They may also have ridden their bike without stabilizers or been swimming. Anything that you think we may not see in school, please upload. This can be done with a comment, photo or video.

Continuing on from our topic, next week, we will be focusing on birthdays. We will discuss how we celebrate birthdays and may even decorate the classroom. It was also Guru Nanak’s birthday this week so we will be finding out all about him and how Sikh people have been celebrating. We will be writing birthday invitations, birthday cards and blowing candles out on a cake when learning to subtract.



Individual Reading Books Please share these with your child and encourage them to look at the pictures and tell the story. Also encourage them to use their sounds to sound out and blend the words together. For assistance with blending, please see our phonics tutorials on the school website.

Your child has a new guided reading book.   These are now books that are at a level that they can try and read and discuss with a group of their peers.  We have already read and discussed the books a bit in class together and you can now recap and re-read at home to build fluency.  Remember to think about asking the types of questions that we spoke about at the reading workshop and that are exemplified on the bookmark that you took away.

This book may be changed any day next week. The teachers will work with a different group each day, so ensure you keep their school books and reading record in their bag and bring it to and from school each day. 

Your child has also come home with a library book. This is for you to share and read with your child. Remember to ask them many different styles of questions such as:

This book will be changed every Friday; please ensure the book is in the book bag.

 Please sign the diary to show which books have been read and when, with any additional comments about the child's engagement or understanding that you feel would be useful to share.  

Many thanks for your continued support!

Have a lovely weekend – Reception Team