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Reception Home Learning Page    


Welcome to the Homework Page!


This week, we have really enjoyed the nice weather. While our other peers sat down to try their best in their SATs, we went out to the field. We shared our snack time as a year group and then played with different sports equipment with our friends. In maths this week, we have revised 2D shapes.  We played a ‘Guess the Shape’ game, where the children had to describe the shape and their partner had to guess what shape they were talking about. We then looked at naming 3D shapes and discussed the everyday objects the 3D shapes look like. We also linked the 2D shapes with the 3D shapes. In literacy this week, we have innovated our own stories. Some children adapted a story we have been reading this term; some made up their own stories completely.  We focused on the characters, setting, beginning, middle and end of the story.

For homework this week, we would like you to take 20 minutes out of your weekend and participate in Cosmic Kids yoga. If you type Cosmic Kids into Youtube, you will find many different episodes. Jaime explores many different themes and uses yoga to tell stories.  This is a great way to share some quality time together, listening and taking time for ourselves; not forgetting to be active and learning new things which is great for our mental health.

Next week, we will be learning the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' as a class. Individually, we will be drawing and writing up our own stories for our end product. Continuing on from this week, we will still be discussing our feelings, emotions and how to be a good friend. This will be done through group discussions, listening games and yoga.



Please support your child with exploring the activities available on Ten Town, using the login details that you were given recently.


Many thanks for your continued support. 

The Reception Team



Every FRIDAY your child changes their library book with an adult, who writes the title of the book in their yellow diary. They only change these books every FRIDAY. Just a reminder - please ensure the library book is brought back every Friday to ensure a new one can be issued.

Every week, we change your child's reading book or set reading challenges such as learning 'red'

Please keep the Reading Record (yellow book) in the book bag and share both books with your child, encouraging them to tell the story, ask questions, look at the pictures and to find the sounds. 

Thank you

Have a lovely weekend!