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Reception Home Learning Page 


Welcome to our Home Learning Page!

21st July 2020 

Good afternoon everyone, we hope you are having a good start to the summer holidays! Please see our goodbye letter below. 

Have a wonderful break, 

Best wishes, 

The Reception Team 

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Well Reception, here we are at the end of a very peculiar year. Thank you to everyone for being such a brilliant year group. It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you, even if we couldn't spend the whole year at school together. A huge thank you to all the lovely parents and carers that have helped and supported their child with their learning at home during this strange time. You have been amazing!

Wishing you all a very healthy and safe summer. Enjoy the holidays and get plenty of rest, ready for your new adventure in year 1. 

Take care from all your teachers in Reception. :) 

Our final week of term, wow what a year it has been! Below are a few activities to work through. There are more than enough stories and physical activities to last you for a few weeks over the summer. So please remember, you do not need to complete every activity or listen to every story this week. Thank you for all of your support over this year and we hope you have a lovely summer! We wish you all the best in year 1. Stay safe, be kind, be brave and be you!

This week we will be building up to an end of year celebratory party at home on Friday!


Activity 1: Let’s make some more decorations for your party – Decorate some bunting. Why not get the family involved too. Perhaps they could draw a picture of the family on one.  Maybe you could draw all of your friends on one or even your teachers. What have you enjoyed most about Reception? You could also write 3 things you will miss.

Activity 2: Prepare your party plate of food. Carefully use the kitchen equipment and help out others! Enjoy your food later!

Activity 3: Plan a playlist – think about what music you want to play!

Activity 4: Have a party – don’t forget to eat your party food and dance your socks off! Oh, and share your pictures with us on Tapestry. Have a brilliant last day Reception!!!


Activity 1: Elmer the Elephant stories

Elmer the Elephant -

Elmers walk -

Elmer on stilts

Elmer and Wilbur -

Activity 2: Why not make some paper chains for your party tomorrow or some paper doll chains. Have a look at the links below;

Activity 3: We would like you to record a little message to your teachers and upload it to Tapestry. Some of you have spent a lot of time at home with your family and your amazing parents who have been teaching you. You could tell us what your favourite thing has been, the favourite thing you have learnt or what you are looking forward to when you return to school in September.

Activity 4: In preparation of the party tomorrow, how are your dancing skills? Should we have a little practice today? Go on, have a boogie and have lots of fun.

A pirate you shall be -

I like to move it move it -

Waka Waka -

Eye of the tiger -

What makes you beautiful (Miss Tanner’s and Mrs Foxall’s Favourite!) -

Shake it off -


Activity 1: Mr Men stories

Mr Greedy -

Mr Happy -

Mr Bump -

Mr Messy -

Activity 2: Now that you have listened to a Mr Men story, have a little think and discuss the emotions within the story. How did the main character feel? Have you ever felt this way before? Perhaps, you design your own Mr Men character. What name will you give him? Why did you choose this name?

Activity 3: Now that you have had your second visit to your new class and with your (new) teacher, can you write down or say 3 things that you are looking forward to doing or learning about in September?

Activity 4: Joe Wicks - workouts

Work out 8 min  -

Work out with Francesca -

Work out with Alfie -

5 Alive -


Activity 1: Rachel Bright is one of our new favourite authors – take a listen.

The Lion Inside -

The Love Monster -

The Squirrels who squabbled -

The Worrysaurus -

Activity 2: Today we would like you to help the adults with laundry. Can you help sort the clothes into different piles? Maybe there is a pile for dark clothes, or lights. When the washing is dry, can you help fold the clothes? Perhaps you can get an adult or sibling to show you how to fold the clothes. Then you can put them away neatly in your wardrobe. Folding your clothes is all good practice for when you get back to school in September and are changing for PE.

Activity 3: If you listened to the story “The Lion Inside” we know that the mouse overcame his fears and goes to the lion for help. Can you think of a time when you have overcome your fears? How did you feel? What was the outcome? What advice would you give to others? Did you listen to another story instead? What was it about? Talk to a sibling or adult and explain what happened in the story.

Activity 4: Cosmic Kids

Popcorn and the Pirates -

Stezzi the Parrot -

Mimi the Mermaid -

Popcorn the Dolphin -


Activity 1: Pirate, Mermaid and Princess stories –

The Singing Mermaid -

The Night Pirates -

Pirates Love Underpants -

Princess and the Wizard -

Activity 2: Let’s make some props to get into character. How about making a pirate hat or princess crown. What about a patch or a necklace? 

Activity 3: Can you help an adult set up the table for lunch or dinner? Maybe you could help them clear up afterwards too. Perhaps you could wash up some plates or bowls. Or, maybe you could load the dishwasher. Are there any other ways you can help out around the house?

Activity 4: Play Popping Pirates – Gather as many items from around the house as you can. One person stand still with their arms out wide at one side of the garden or room. The other person has collect an item from the pile, run back to the person standing and try to balance it on them. Then repeat and try and put as many items on the Pirate before he pops! Use a timer to time 30 seconds and see how many items you can balance. Don’t forget to take turns! After a few goes of this, why not try and balance on one leg if you are the pirate!