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Year 5 Condover Hall Residential Trip


Condover Hall 2020 Initial Meeting 


Take a look below at Year 5's residential trip this year. 











                                                      Condover Hall 2019

Day 1: Tuesday 23rd April

We had a smooth journey up to Condover Hall; the first leg of which took a couple of leisurely hours.  We stopped at Ironbridge for lunch, after which, the children had the chance to play with their friends in the sunshine in a blossom-filled park.  Then it was back on the coach for the final stretch which took about another hour due to a slight traffic delay.  But the delay only served to heighten the excitement and it was with jubilant cheers that the two coaches pulled into the grand gates of Condover Hall.

After unloading, it was time for the part the children had been waiting for – finding out who their ‘roomies’ would be.  The children soon settled into their new ‘homes’ for the week; either in Pottage or Hodnet.  Just a few minutes later, it was time to leave again – for a fire drill! 

Once everyone had made their way outside safely, each group was taken on a tour of the site with their JCA ‘Groupie’.  It was a chance to explore the grounds and find out where the main buildings and activities were.  After a little free time, it was time for the first exciting activity of the day: either tunnelling, abseiling, archery, buggy building, completing the aerial trek, the laser maze or making it through the sensory trail!

Having burnt off some of their excess energy, it was time for dinner!  It had been a good few hours since lunchtime and the children ate heartily from a choice of chicken noodles, beef burger or veggie burger with an accompaniment of salad and chips.  This was followed by a delicious donut treat! Yum, yum!

The children had a fun, and very active, evening with some outdoor playtime and our evening activity, the run around quiz.  A great first day with all now settled comfortably for the night.  Here’s hoping for a restful night, looking forward to a full day of activities tomorrow.


Day 2: Wednesday 24th April

Today the children were up bright and early, ready for breakfast and the day ahead.  After a selection of cereal, toast, beans, scrambled eggs and mushrooms, not to mention the fresh fruit and yogurt, everyone was fuelled up and ready to go.  It was off to the aerial trek for some, abseiling for others, whilst some practised and perfected their archery skills.  For some, it was time for a splash and a dip in the pool as they had their wet and wacky encounter, playing lots of fun, competitive water games.

 After a delicious lunch of pasta, Peri-Peri chicken or cheese and onion slice, with salad and/or chips, it was time for the afternoon activities.  Everyone set off, hoping for the sunshine to last through the afternoon.  Unfortunately, it didn’t, but rain didn’t stop play as the children climbed, abseiled and carried on with their various group activities, encouraging and supporting each other to do their best.

 The afternoon seemed to disappear and it wasn’t long before it was dinner time again!  On the menu this evening was a choice of fish fingers, a variety of sausages, mashed potatoes and peas – the perfect warming dinner for a somewhat damp afternoon!  After a little down time, playing with their friends, the children set off to Condover’s mansion house, ready to be Cluedo detectives, solving the mysterious murder of Billy the banana!  Great fun was had by all as the children interrogated their suspects (Charlie Chilli, Kelly Ketchup, Max Mustard, Harry Hotdog and Chris Carrot) and tried to piece together the clues to find the culprit guilty of the crime.  After such a fun day, heads will rest easily tonight. 


Day 3: Thursday 25th April

After a good night’s sleep, and a gentle wake-up call, the children tucked into a delicious breakfast of cereal, toast, waffles and syrup or bacon, beans and scrambled egg – any combination of their choosing!  Although it was a bit of a grey start to the day, the children were keen to get going on their next round of activities so that, by the end of the end of the day, they would have completed nine out of ten activities, leaving the final activity for tomorrow.  So it was off for two of the following activities in the morning: abseiling, aerial trek, tunnelling, the trapeze, buggy building, the laser maze and grid of stones, the sensory trail, archery, climbing or wet and wacky games in the pool.

Having had yet another energetic morning, lunchtime soon came around, bringing with it the delights of chicken or veggie nuggets and chips being the preferred choices.  There were two more fun-filled activities in the afternoon and, after a brief shower, the sun decided to make an appearance and, luckily, stayed for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

 It was lasagne, garlic bread, pizza and potato wedges for tea this evening – which went down well with everyone – before burning it off with some free time to run around and have a game of football, tennis or simply to play with friends.  Thankfully, the sunshine dried up the rain and it was a fine evening for a campfire and some campfire songs.  No doubt, the children will perform some of their amusing, newly-learned songs for you, on their return!  Watch out!  Audience participation will be expected!

Although we are sad to be leaving Condover so soon, we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!