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Welcoming our new Castleview Eco Warriors for 2020-2021:

Although our meetings will look a little different this year, now, more than ever, we intend to fulfil our duties and maximise our impact across our School, Homes and Community.

Our key aims include:

- Learning about understanding the current environmental issues.
- Raising awareness of the need to look after our world.
- Developing strategies and methods across the school to help the environment.
- Being pro-active and taking action for our environment.
- Representing students’ ideas and views during Eco Warrior meetings.

Autumn Term Highlights

2.10.20 - Today, Eco Warriors were announced across the School and were provided with their badges. Prior to this, children spent time discussing the purpose and meaning of the role before putting themselves forward if they wished. A vote was then carried out within each class and our successful candidates were chosen. 

6.10.20 - We held our first meeting this morning. We discussed our aims for the year and explored ways in which Castleview already help / protect the environment (such as turning the lights off when not in use, reducing paper wastage); we then brainstormed future ways or changes we could make to help our environment further. Over the next few weeks, the Eco Warriors will work alongside their teachers to complete a survey. 

14.10.20 - Over the last week, Eco Warriors have completed a questionnaire with their classes to identify ways that Castleview are currently helping the local community and environment as well as discussing options that our school could adopt to further help the environment and reduce the negative impact of climate change. Key findings include:

Ways that Castleview is already helping the environment: Possible strategies we could adopt to help the environment further:
We turn the lights off when classrooms are not in use    Encourage and ensure we are recycling paper and possibly food.
We have active Eco Warriors eager to help our school Reduce the amount of plastic we are using. For example, look in to alternatives to plastic cutlery that is currently used at lunchtimes. 
We encourage children to use the recycling bins and to not litter Introduce compost bins and begin growing our own vegetables.