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Nursery 2019 - 2020



Black Park (6 images)

The nursery children experienced their first school trip as they set off to Black Park! They enjoyed exploring, feeding the swans and playing with their parents and friends. It was a lovely day and so nice to see so many parents join their children on their first outing!

Created: 1 Jul 20 13:24 | Last modified: 1 Jul 20 13:25

Visit to School Library (4 images)

Nursery enjoyed their first trip to the school library this week. The children listened very well to the stories being told and others even had a go at reading the stories to their friends. In the garden this week, the children have enjoyed selling ice creams to their friends, taking turns to sell and buy the ice cream, as well developing friendships.

Created: 1 Jul 20 13:02 | Last modified: 1 Jul 20 13:04