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Nursery Homework page

Friday 3rd April 2020

Happy Friday!

I want to say a massive well done to all parents for completing home schooling for the last couple of weeks; I know it can’t have been easy but you’ve made it! Thank you to all the parents who have been keeping me up to date with all the work and activities you have been completing at home. It has been lovely to see how busy the children have been and how much fun they are having. If you have not yet a had a chance, please can you upload some pictures or videos of the types of activities you have been up to over the last two weeks on to Tapestry. A new link has been sent out to all parents so you should all now have access to Tapestry; however, if you are still having issues please contact us, so this can be sorted out.

For homework over the Easter holidays, we wanted to plan something that would be fun and get all the family involved, as well as being something that you can keep and look back on over time. We decided that a ‘Time Capsule’ was a great idea. I have attached the following document, which explains how you can do this and some ideas on what to include! I hope you all have lots of fun and I can’t wait to see any photos or videos of what you have all included in your time capsules!

 Wishing you all the best over the Easter break.

Miss Eaton




Friday 3rd April 2020

Activity One - Education City

Children to complete 'Understanding the World' activity on Education City.


Activity Two - Make your own paint

Children should make their own paint by following the instructions below.

2 tablespoons of flour  
2 tablespoons of salt
2 tablespoons of water
Mix all together and add a couple of drops of food colouring.

Activity Three - Paint a picture

Children should then use this paint to create a picture of their choice.


Activity Four - Write a letter to a Nursery friend or teacher

Children should spend some time, talking to an adult or sibling about someone they are missing from Nursery; a teacher or friend. Children should then work with an adult to write a letter to that person. Adult to model letter with what child has said e.g. ‘Dear Miss Eaton, I miss you so much, I can’t wait to see you at Nursery again. Child should then try and copy the letter, adult to ensure child’s pencil grip and control is correct.

Please upload your child’s letter on to Tapestry!



Thursday 2nd April 2020

Activity One - Make your own kite

Following on from the story, ‘Titch’, I would like the children to make their own kite.  This can be done using resources you have around your house e.g. paper, sticks, string etc. Children are to design their kite and see if they are to fly it in the house or in the garden.

Activity Two - Play a ball game with an adult/sibling

Children to take part in a ball game with a member of their family, whether it be rolling, throwing and catching or kicking.


Activity Three - Help make lunch

Children are to help make their lunch, with adult supervision.


Activity Four - Have a ‘indoor picnic’

Once children have made their lunch, they should then have an 'indoor picnic’ with either their family members or even their favourite teddy bears.


Please remember to upload any pictures or videos on Tapestry!


Titch maths


EYFS Learning Play Pack