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Friday 17th March 2023


Hello everyone!

Welcome to Nursery's homework page. This page will be updated weekly, explaining what the children have been learning about throughout the week, what they will be focusing on in the upcoming week as well as a short homework activity for them to complete over the week, which will help consolidate their learning from the week.


This week


We have had a great week in nursery this week. Comet class have been very interested in magnets this week, exploring their garden with magnets to see which materials magnets are attracted to. We discussed the different materials and why some magnets ‘stick to’ to some materials and not others. Some children were also fascinated by the fact that magnets don’t always stick to each other and instead push away from each other.


Rocket class have had lots of fun in their outdoor area, using Duplo blocks to create different buildings. Some children worked together to create a zoo, thinking about the different animals that live in a zoo and how they could create these animals using the Duplo blocks.


On Wednesday, we recalled our story ‘The Little Red Hen’. Then we used oats, flour and some water to create our own dough, while in the garden. We spoke about what the ingredients looked like before we added water and how they changed once water had been added. Children used language such as sticky, soft and watery to describe the mixture and their dough. We then used our fine motor skills to knead the dough, as if it was bread, and discussed what the next stage of making our bread would be. The children had a great time, building on others’ ideas and discussing with their teacher and peers what else they could add to their dough.


Next Week


Next week, we will be taking part in lots of Easter themed activities. The children will be creating their very own Easter bonnets and taking part in an Easter themed parade in class, showing all our teachers and peers the bonnets we have made.  Children will also be creating Easter cornflake cakes; melting chocolate and decorating them with mini eggs! We will also be developing our numeracy skills; matching numbered Easter eggs and quantities together, and using paper plates to create our very own Easter bunnies.



For homework this week, I would like children to go on a Spring walk, identifying different flowers, leaves or animals they see during their walk. Please upload any pictures to Tapestry for us to discuss next week.

Message to parents

During recent weeks, Mrs Pathak and Mrs Shamim have reported that some school books are returning damaged or broken. Although we understand that accidents may happen, I would like to ask parents and children to be respectful of using school books. Unfortunately, due to the damage of some books, they have had to be disposed of and will not be replaced. If your child wants to read school books independently, we ask that parents are observing their children and if any books do get damaged to report it to the teachers so that we are aware and do not send these books home with other children.


Have a great week!

The Nursery Team