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Reading Schemes


The children’s reading is developed through the use of not one, but a variety of published schemes as follows:

The books in each scheme are book banded by reading level/complexity so that the children are exposed to a variety of fiction genres (including poetry) and non-fiction.  This allows the children to see different texts presented in a wide variety of styles.  Reading books are changed weekly, with children being encouraged to re-read books so that they become familiar with the texts and so as to encourage discussion with parents to aid comprehension.  The re-reading of books enables children to move away from simply decoding the text on the first read.  It allows children the opportunity to repeat and explore the language patterns and phrasing used, and to develop greater fluency and expression.  With fluency, attention to punctuation and appropriate intonation, comes understanding.  This ‘scheme’ and approach continues into KS2. The children may also supplement their given reading books with books from the class bookshelves and the school library so that they can choose books to take home, share and enjoy.