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Friday, 15th January 2021


An Extreme Reading Challenge

This weekend we would like you to challenge yourself to read your favourite book in the most unusual place – the highest, or the lowest or somewhere really out of the ordinary. What is the strangest or most unusual place you can be photographed reading? Perhaps you can take up reading on a bike, in the laundry basket or even upside down! Be inventive! But please ask an adult for help and do stay safe!

We need evidence so please upload your photograph on the classroom stream showing where you read your book. Mrs Boubker and Mrs Kaur have been reading in an unusual place, take a look at the PDF file.🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️💕
We look forward to seeing your most unusual or extreme reading place. Good luck.

Remember to ensure you are reading books with an adult at home. You should read for at least 15 minutes and discuss the text. What has happened in the text? Can you make any predictions?

Please stay safe and have a a lovely weekend

From all the staff in Year 2