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Year Three Homework Page

Friday 5th March 2021.

As we prepare to return to school on Monday, we would like you to spend time this weekend publishing your innovated story of Mamotaro.

For example, if you have separate sections on different pages, please neatly write the story out on one page. You may also wish to add in some pictures of give your story an eye-catching title. If you typed your story, please ensure it is on the same document. You may also wish to insert some pictures and use word art for the title.

We will be sharing our stories on Thursday 11th March for Castleview's World Book Day, therefore please ensure your published stories are in school before Thursday.

If you haven't completed your story or are missing a section, you may wish to watch the story again, using the link below.

Mamotaro, Peach Boy

**Please also ensure you bring your rainforest research into School with you on Monday 8th March as it will form your non-chronological report.**

We know you have all worked incredibly hard during our third Lockdown and can't wait to see some of the work you have completed while learning from home.  


As many of you have been working hard on your spellings and have made great progress while learning from home, you will take part in a blind spelling test on Tuesday 9th March (based on the Year 3 & 4 spellings). Your results will then determine if you are still in the same spelling group. 
Over the weekend, you may wish to spend time looking over the Year 3 & 4 Spellings that can be found in your Home School Diary. 

Times Tables
Please ensure you are spending time on TTRS and Education City practising your times tables. If you are confident in answering times tables questions, you may wish to challenge yourself to play timed games or begin to learn the inverse (division facts).
You will be tested weekly, each Friday.

Have a lovely weekend, stay at home and most importantly, stay safe.