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Hello Year Six,



Friday 17th March

This weekend, we would like for you to look at one of the most fascinating elements of Brazil: The Amazon Rainforest! This incredible natural phenomenon is nicknamed the 'Lungs of the Earth'. It is renkowned for how diverse its plant and animal species are. We would like you to do some research about this amazing rainforest and present back . Things to consider:

- How does the Rainforest work? How is it structured? What are its different layers?
- Key Facts and Figures (how large is it, what countries does it cover, how many species are there etc)
- How does it play a key role in combatting global warming?
- Why is it under threat currently?
- Is it inhabited?
- Any and all other interesting information you find to present back

You may wish to present this in whichever written format (not digital) you like: for example a poster, leaflet, booklet, infographic, model etc.

Additional Challenge (optional - the Rainforest homework is a must):

We look forward to seeing your amazing work
Year 6 Team


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