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Year Four Homework Page



Welcome back! We thoroughly enjoyed sharing your Mayan posters.
For homework this week, we'd like you to bring in some notes on your favourite hobby/interest e.g. aircraft, sewing, football, arts and crafts, riding your bike, Minecraft, gardening, board games, reading, listening to music, dancing, writing stories, swimming, Beyblades etc. 

These notes need to contain enough detail for you to be able to talk about your chosen hobby/interest.

We look forward to seeing your completed homework on Monday 11th November


The following spellings will be tested on: Thursday 14th November.

Group A:  •completely •differently •certainly •naturally •importantly •extremely •particularly •famously •quarterly •peculiarly •specially •strangely

Group B: •sadly •usually •finally •completely •differently •certainly •naturally •importantly •extremely •particularly

Group C:  •sadly •usually •finally •completely •differently •certainly •naturally •importantly

Spelling Group: Spellings have been provided on paper. 

Times tables

Please continue to practise your times tables in preparation for your weekly test.

Challenge: In order to increase your speed, you may wish to make use of the Sound Check mode on Times Tables Rock Stars as this will give you a time limit per question. Good luck!

Have a lovely weekend.