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Year Four Homework Page


Friday 24th May

We hope you have enjoyed learning about your local town, Slough during the last half term. However, now it is time to rewind the clock and go back in time to the Tudor period. 

For your homework over half term, please choose one of the following categories and complete research around that area.

Clothing, Housing, Food, Famous people, Children, Education, Transport

 You may wish to use the internet or visit The Curve to find books associated with your chosen category. Consider what it was like during the Tudor time. For example, what clothing was available? Was it different for the rich and poor?

Please present your homework as a research booklet (A4 paper folded in half, you may add as many pages as you wish) with a title page and contents page.

Children will be given an age appropriate blind spelling test on Friday 14th June. Please spend time revisiting any you are unsure you. Please note there will be no spelling test on Friday 7th June as we are away in Ufton from Monday 3rd to Wednesday 5th June.

Times table
As always, please spend time practising your times tables up to 12 x 12. Make use of the Soundcheck mode on Times table Rockstars


As always, homework can be emailed to your class teacher using the relevant class email address:

Have a lovely half term!