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Nursery Home Learning

This has been both a busy and amazing week. We went on yet another adventure, this time to 'Hands on Art' where we had a workshop showing us how to use clay.Look out for our clay snails during Open Evening! 

We were also lucky enough to have the children from Ryvers Nursery join us for our end product tea party, with all the stories we had learnt over this half term. 

We have learnt so much over the last half term; but a big focus has been on phonics. This half term's home learning continues with this in mind. In your child's book bag you will find a list of the sounds your child is secure with, and those they are learning. There is also a list of words for blending. Please remember, all children are at a very early stage of blending, and as said during Open Doors, this will take time; so please keep this fun!  

Please use this information to help support your child's next step learning in phonics.  

Our new topic for next half term is 'Nature Detectives' so why not enjoy the fun during the half term! In your child's book bag you will find a sheet to look for birds. This is an activity you could do anywhere when you are outside with your child, and will support their observational skills. 

Observing and finding out about different trees is another activity that you could do whenever you are on the go. Click Here to find information of an app that will give you all the information you may need to answer any tricky questions.

As we finish this half term, may I take this opportunity to thank you all for  the support you have shown the Nursery team as we endeavour to provide an exciting curriculum for your child. 

Have a lovely half term & fingers crossed for good weather!

The Nursery Team

 Single sound phonics and letter formation: click here

j click here

v click here

h click here

r click here

l click here

u click here

b click here

f click here

e click here

c click here

k click here

m click here 

 s click here

t click here

i click here

n click here

p click here

d click here

a click here

click here

o click here

Extra Phonic games:

Print and match game click here & here

On-line game, please use Set 1,2 & 3  click here

Match the word to the picture game click here