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Exceptional Schools Award 360 award

We are Castleview School's Digital Leaders.
Our ideas and hard work help influence the entire school! Some of our roles and responsibilities
can be seen below:

Programming Robots
Leading School Assemblies

Delivering Meetings to the Staff
Taking the lead with any technology
Joining the Online Safety Committee
Helping classes in Computing lessons
Attending Workshops at Langley Grammar

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Upcoming Event(s):

Safer Internet Day 2020 - Tuesday 11th February

Castleview's Digital Leaders will be preparing many 'Safer Internet' activities for this year's Safer Internet Day! They will come around to take lead with these in every classroom across the school. To get a head-start on SID or for more information, visit:

Autumn Term Highlights

Alan Mackenzie Workshop - 20/11/2019

Alan Mackenzie is an Online-Safety consultant who visits our school every year. He speaks to Year five and six pupils about how to stay safe online and also delivers a workshop for parents. To advertise Alan’s visit, the Digital Leaders made posters, which were displayed around the school. Here are some examples:


At home time, the day before his arrival, the whole team went into the playground to distribute leaflets, with the purpose of persuading as many parents as possible to attend his talk.

On the day of his visit, the Year five and six Digital Leaders from Ryvers came over to Castleview to join us. They enthusiastically joined in and answered questions during the workshop. They were hosted by the Castleview Year 5 Digital Leaders who had chance to share ideas and socialise after the talk.

Finally the Castleview School Digital Leaders, came back to school in the evening. They presented at the parent’s Online-Safety talk with an explanation of their own online experiences.



BT Engineers Visit - 11/11/2019

The Digital Leaders had the opportunity to meet with some tech visitors from industry. Two local BT Network Engineers, JC and Callum came into Castleview and ran a session for the Digital Leaders. The focus was on the impact of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in the work place and the part these subjects play in the life of a BT Engineer.

They also spoke to the team about their own schooling and the career paths they have followed at BT because of their love of technology. Finally, they shared photos of what it is like inside the Slough depot (next to the post office on the A4) and aspects of their day to day role as an engineer.


Robotics Workshop - 10/10/2019

This term, the Digital Leader team visited Langley Grammar to take part in a Robotics workshop.  Everyone was very excited about the trip, especially when it was revealed that this was the first time this session had been delivered. Therefore, Castleview were the first primary school in Slough to use the brand new Spheros robots!

The session started with some unplugged activities. Firstly, a quiz looking at patterns in the natural world, although the concept was very simple, it proved quite challenging! The children then moved on to creating their own repeating pattern based on a simple square. As you can see, Year 6 were very pleased with the patterns they produced for Mrs Jenkins.


Then on to the part everyone had been waiting for, time to make friends with Spheros. The children worked their way through a series of progressively more difficult challenges focussing on how Spheros moved. They controlled the movements from an app, on an ipad. The app required them to write a series of instructions using a drop and drag programming language similar to Scratch. Considerable resilience was required as Spheros did not always move in the way the children expected!

Consequently, the Digital Leaders had to debug and retest their code constantly to perfect their robot’s moves. The session finale involved adapting their robots so they could carry a pen and draw a square in a designated area. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and all the children, along with Mrs Chandler from Year 6, agreed that they had learnt a lot about robotics from the session. A huge thank you to Mrs Jenkins for inviting us.